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      Safe Area Motors – IE2/ IE3 Ex ec Motors

      Safe Area Motors - IE2/ IE3 Ex ec Motors

      Well over 2 million Bharat Bijlee motors serve Indian agriculture and industry. Modern manufacturing systems supported by BaaN ERP, rigorous quality control and special purpose CNC machines ensure precision and flexibility.  Computer and Communications technology integrates this with our marketing and distribution network; endorsed by our ISO 9001 certification. All towards one end; an amalgam of product and service that performs to satisfy the customer it serves.

      • Pump, Fan, Compressor, Packing Machinery, Coiler De-coiler, Agro Equipment
      • Food Processing Equipment, Paper Machinery, Agitator, Dairy Equipment, Machine Tool,
      • Air Condoning, Material Handling, Plastic Machinery, Textile Machinery, Cooling Tower, Crusher, Material Handling

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