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      Fuji FRENIC-Mini


      Fuji FRENIC-Mini

      Fuji Electric delivers high-performance VFD drives and industrial
      power inverter ac drives that offer automatically controlled motor
      operations and operating speeds for a wide variety of drive
      applications in Irrigation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage,
      and much more. This precision control allows our drives to operate at
      an optimal speed throughout your application, reducing overall power
      and energy consumption to minimize operating costs. Applications
      for these AC / VFD drive, and v/ Hz vector drive inverters include
      conveyor systems, pumps, fans, and HVAC. Quality is our drive,
      World Class AC Drives. Check out our AC Drives Highlights !

      • Conveyors
      • Fans
      • Pumps
      • Centrifugal separators
      • Food processing machines

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