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      Automation Solutions

      Our expertise in automating an industrial process it could be Chemical, Waste water or Sewage treatment is very pronounced but definitely not limited to the Process industry alone. We are very much into the material movement, process automation, pick & pace, you name and we have done it.

      We are now in the midst of executing a novel automation system for bin loading, conveying in sync with a furnace drying system for Paddy in the rice processing Industry where the emphasis is on reduction of labor, improving the system reliability coupled with energy efficiency.

      We have the privilege to work with some of the leading machinery manufacturers in the mining and the mineral processing industry. We have our manufacturing facility in Kovur, manned by our motivated team which is fully capable to undertake complex system study and we are equipped to deliver a top notch instrumentation panel. Depend on us from concept to commissioning for any industrial problem. If it very difficult it will be done immediately. If it is impossible it may take some time. But, consider it solved!


      Client : Kesava Medi.

      This is n automation of blister packing machine, which involved synchronizing three different drives & the cutter. We were successful in productivity of the product By over 70% & also came up with customer friendly HMI design with remote monitoring.


      Client : Auro Labs/ Hutson Agro

      The application involves moving the printing head at high speed with positional accuracy with multiple printing both on forward as well while returning. Our scope involved supply of pre wired panel with PLC, HMI and servo drive, field wiring, application development and commissioning. We commissioned close to 15 such printing systems all over India.


      Client : Reputed Honey packer in Kerala.

      Recipe driven application suitable for small, medium and large bottles & the filling qty was user defined. The filling station was servo controlled which was offered accurate filling vis a vis pneumatic filling. Required MIS such as number of bottles filled, event manager, alarm manager etc, were other features.