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      Who we are?

      Power Drives is a 28 year old family owned and professionally managed Automation Company. We would like to be known for our honesty, commitment and flexibility. Well, it is often said people are known by the company they keep. If we say we are in the company of Bonfiglioli, Bharat Bijlee, Schneider Electric, Scientific Devices would that mean something about us?

      We see the customer’s respect on us as our competitive edge and constantly enhance it by keeping transactions simple, transparent, adopt ethical business practices and never doing a transaction, whatever be its importance, that we will be ashamed of.

      We are an industrial automation solution provider and product marketing company. We have provided solutions in Food processing, Material handling, 3D printing, Process automation, etc,. We sell motors, Gearboxes, VFDs, PLC, HMI, Linear actuators, Flow meters, Level sensors, Pressure sensors, Temperature sensors to industrial clients.

      We were selling Bharat Bijlee motors then. Then, half a decade later we graduated to selling geared Motors, thanks to Bonfiglioli. We were there second dealers then. We are their second largest dealers since then! Later when the clients demanded speed control of the drive unit we associated with Schneider Electric for VFD’s. Later moved on the Pumps of Mather & Platt, and extended it to measurement of flow, level and pressure by being dealers of Scientific Devices. I think you could see a method in the madness.

      Now in the next avatar we are trying to stitch our products together and offer solution. Our automation division offers customized solution to industry challenges using our field instrumentation, VFD and prime movers. If you are in Pain we will be your pain balm. Consider it solved!

      We see serving a customer as a calling not as a carrier. It has been a pure joy. We have been serving diverse industries such as machine tools, SPMs, Material Handling, Food processing, Granites, Process Industries, Fire Fighting, Commercial Building, Water Treatment. It has been a privilege and a great learning experience to be suppliers of some of the Blue chip companies like, TVS, HLL, Hitech Carbon, Marshall and many more. In doing all the above the critical differentiator between the competition and us has our employees. In managing the multiple lines of business, meeting the ever growing needs of customers both in terms of technical & commercial requirements, keeping abreast in the market place- nothing could have been possible but of the core team of our company. When we grow over and above the industry rate, grow in multiple business lines and have a high employee retention rate we think we are not only doing right things but are also doing things right. Our supplier base may have grown. Customer base has grown manifold. Our employees have grown both in stature and in number. But the ones we started with, the suppliers, customers, employees are still with us.

      Does that say anything about us?