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      Factory Automation

      Our Expertise

      Whatever your factory manufacturer’s for your company’s living, with our deep and diverse domain expertise our automation solutions will make it live forever. Be it integrated automation solution for process industry or for discrete manufacturing factory we are there with you all the way.

      • Customized Automation Solutions: We specialize in designing and implementing tailor-made automation solutions to meet your unique operational needs.
      • Expert Panel Building: Our team consists of highly skilled technicians and engineers who excel in constructing high-quality control panels and electrical cabinets.
      • Cutting-Edge Technology: We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in automation technology, ensuring you benefit from the most efficient and advanced solutions.
      • Industry Experience: With years of experience across various industries, we have a deep understanding of the specific requirements and challenges faced by different sectors.

      Machine Building

      Our Expertise

      We partner with end users to build a machines for their specific use that are safe, robust, and efficient and meet the purpose. Special purpose machines. We ensure electrical and mechanical systems need to work together in harmony, so you that you get a reliable, high speed, dependable machine that exceeds your expectations.

      • Customized SPM Solutions: At Power Drives Enterprises, we specialize in designing and developing bespoke Special Purpose Machines tailored to meet your unique manufacturing needs.
      • Innovative Design Capabilities: We leverage cutting-edge design tools and technology to create innovative and efficient SPM solutions.
      • Multidisciplinary Approach: Power Drives Enterprises brings together experts from various fields, including mechanical, electrical, and automation, to design comprehensive SPMs.
      • Industry-Specific Expertise: With experience across diverse industries, we understand the specific requirements and challenges faced by different sectors.
      • Integration Capabilities: We can seamlessly integrate SPMs into your existing production lines or develop standalone systems, depending on your needs.

      Machine Data Science & IOT

      Our Expertise

      Every factory has its unique footprint of machine data. The endless, ever-growing list of machine-generated data that is churned out in sync with the production cycle that impacts the operations in countless ways. Our sophisticated software “think” extract machine data from of your factory machinery, analyzing these in a meaningful way provides a heads up on

      • Diagnosing service problems
      • Understanding the health of  the equipment 
      • Production rate
      • Demonstrating compliance

      Area of Expertise

      Our Hardware Partners

      Control Panels

      We design, manufacture, powder coat, supply and commission pre wired control panel to stringent specification.

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      Our products simply provide the quality of being clear and easy to understand.

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      Finely crafted materials that combine classic themes with modern day designs.

      High Perfomance

      We are highly focused on your goals and that achieve superior business results.

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