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The BBL range of energy efficient motors Type " MH" are from 1.1 Kw ( Frame 90S) to 18.5 Kw ( Frame 160L). Use of these motors can lead to substantial reduction in energy costs. The payback periods are in the order of 3 to 6 months depending upon the usage. Even replacing existing motors with EE motors in power intensive industries gives paybacks within 1 to 2 years.

  •   Efficiency higher or equal to I.S. 12615
  •   Near uniform efficiency from 50% to 100% of full load.
  •   Insulation class F. Temp, rise limited to 70°C over ambient of 50°C
  •   Voltage variation : ±10%
  •   Frequency variation : ±5%
  •   Combined Variation : ± 10%
  •   Enclosure : IP55

Efficiency Class

As per CEMEP / IEEMA standard, motors with higher efficiency levels have efficiency class'eff2' (Improved efficiency) and 'eff1' (High Efficiency). All BBL Standard motors conform to efficiency class 'eff2'.

The efficiency of these motors are higher than or equal to the values specified in IEEMA 19-2000. IS 12615 is under revision and the draft standard has the values of efficiency as specified in IEEMA 19-2000.

The performance of 2 and 4 poles are given . Performance of 6 and 8 poles are available on request.

Bharat Bijlee Standard Motors in outputs greater than 25 HP already have High Efficiencies, & hence it is not required to specifically order energy efficient motors for these ratings. For ratings lower than those listed in the tables, please enquire with us.

Acrylic Body Rotameter With Isolation Valve Acrylic Body Rotameter with Isolation Valve And Mounting Clamp Acrylic Body Rotameter Without Isolation Valve
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