Scientific Devices | Glass Tube Rotameter

It is an instrument used to measure instant flow rate of Liquids and Gases. It is installed in the pipe line vertically upward with flanged or screwed connection.

Fluid Clear Liquids & Gases
Density / Sp. Gravity Up to 2.95
Viscosity Up to 500 cp
Temperature Up to 250°C
Pressure Up to 20 Kg/cm2
Measuring Range 2.5 to 40,000 LPH of Water/Liquid & 0.1 to 750 Nm³/hr of Air/Gas at NTP
Line Size Up to 4" NB
Available Materials MS/CS/SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/
PTFE lined MS or SS
Connection Flanged to ASA/BS/DIN/ Triclover Standard
Screwed to BSP/NPT(M/F)
Accuracy ±2% of FSD & ±1.5% on request
Glass Tube Rotameter With One Flow Alarm Switch Adjustable Thoughout Flow Range. Glass Tube Rotameter With High And Low Flow Alarm Switch Adjustable Thoughout Flow Range Glass Tube Rotameter with TC End
Prodcut Code: SDGFS1 Prodcut Code: SDGFS2 Prodcut Code: SDGTC
Glass Tube Rotameter With Steam Jacket Arrangement Glass Tube Rotameter With Screwed Connection And Rear/Side Entry Glass Tube Rotameter With Flanged Connection And Rear/Side Entry
Prodcut Code: SDGSJ Prodcut Code: SDGRES Prodcut Code: SDGREF
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