Scientific Devices | Acrylic Body Rotameter

It is an instrument used to measure instant flow rate of Liquids and Gases and are commonly used for flow measurement.

Fluid Liquids & Gases
Density / Sp. Gravity Up to 1.85
Viscosity Up to 100 cp
Temperature Up to 50°C
Pressure Up to 8 Kg/cm2
Measuring Range 2.5 to 40000 LPH of Water/Liquid
0.1 to 300 Nm³/hr of Air/Gas at NTP
Line Size 1" Up to 4"
Available Materials SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/
Connection Flanged to ASA/BS/DIN/ Triclover Standard
Screwed to BSP/NPT(M/F)
Accuracy ±2% of FSD & ±1.5% on request
Acrylic Body Rotameter With Isolation Valve Acrylic Body Rotameter with Isolation Valve And Mounting Clamp Acrylic Body Rotameter Without Isolation Valve
Product Code: SDTA Product Code: SDTMC Product Code: SDTRC
Acrylic Body Rotameter with Isolation Valve and DP Regulator Acrylic Body Rotameter With Triclover Connection Acrylic Body Rotameter With Flanged Connection
Product Code: STADPR Product Code: SDATC Product Code: SDATC
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