Bonfiglioli transmission | AS Series In-line Helical Gear Motors

Performance and price effectiveness along side tradition

The dependable and performing solution for all in-line drive applications featuring unsurpassed quality to price ratio. Foot or flange mounting are possible in any mounting position, making the installation easier than ever.

Torque range 30 Nm ... 7.200 Nm
Rated power (n1 = 1400 min-1)
Gear ratios in=4,5 ... 185
Output configurations Solid keyed shaft
Input configurations IEC motor mounting provision
Solid input shaft
Applicable motors IEC-normalised motors, upto 45 kW
Single and dual speed version
Main brake features DC and AC supply
Faster braking and / or brake releasing through SB, NBR, SBR optional
electronic devices
Main motor options Thermistors and thermostats sensors
Forced ventilation
Line driver and push – pull incremental encoder
Type Torque Nm Type Torque Nm
AS 16 45 AS 45 720
AS 20 90 AS 55 1,200
AS 25 180 AS 60 2,100
AS 30 320 AS 80 3,800
AS 35 480 AS 90 6,200
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