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We are in the business of Power Transmission. Our core activity is to solve complex problems in the field of Industrial Automation & our development center is located in Chennai. We are System Integrators for Schneider Electric. We represent Bonfiglioli for Gear Boxes & Bharat Bijlee for LT & HT Motors. We are one of their largest Business partners for both the companies in this part of India.

What we do?

We are undertaking following energy audit activities for better transmission solutions

Mass Energy Equivalence

Preliminary Energy Audit with available Data

Specific Energy consumption

Final Audit with measured Data with Payback & Risk Analysis


Schneider Electric is a leading designer and manufacturer of automation and control solutions. In this area, you'll find an extensive range of products, from programmable relays through to high performance motion controllers and interface modules.

We have the technology capable of controlling simple machines through to complex process control applications across all industrial, infrastructure and building sectors.

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Scientific Devices Turbine Flow Meters are useful for liquids & gases in general industrial application. They provide excellent performance with quality & reliability. Suitable for as hygienic application. The flowing media engages a vaned rotor causing it to rotate at an angular velocity proportional to flow rate. The pick -of coil senses the spinning motion of the rotor inside the pipe & converts it into a pulsating electrical signal. Summation of the pulsating electrical signal is directly related to the total flow. The frequency is linearly proportional to flow rate which is converted to mA signal by electronic circuitry. Flow rate Indicator / Totalizer / Transmitter and Controllers are available in Local/Remote and Panel Mounted Options.

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Well over 2 million Bharat Bijlee motors serve Indian agriculture and industry. Modern manufacturing systems supported by BaaN ERP, rigorous quality control and special purpose CNC machines ensure precision and flexibility. Computer and Communications technology integrates this with our marketing and distribution network; endorsed by our ISO 9001 certification. All towards one end; an amalgam of product and service that performs to satisfy the customer it serves.

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The Bonfiglioli Group has its presence and closeness to its markets, both in Italy and worldwide, to forge a precise industrial strategy. Along with our Italian production plants, over the years they have opened factories in India, Slovakia, Germany, Vietnam, China, USA and Brazil. Bonfiglioli's regional localisation has become a strength capable of delivering high added value.

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Automation Solutions

Give us your requirement and we give you the best possible Automation Solution.

Energy & Consultancy

We provide energy audit services for better transmission solutions.


Our clientele are majorly from the southern part of India. But we do have clients in other parts of the country too.
They clients range from many SME companies to various big corporates too. A few of our clients are listed below.

Do you have a Requirement?

Have you been looking in the market for Industrial products like Motors, Gearboxes, VFD's, Pumps etc? We are looking for clients in overseas for Exports and for Domestic sales in any part of India.

If so, Call us now or write to us for Exports & Sales Enquiries

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We are always on the lookout for dynamic talented people to work with us. If you are a fresher our working methods gives you a jumpstart to your career and for experienced people its the right place to move higher.

Job Openings available and send us your resumes to info@powerdrives.in

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